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A luxury spirit optic dispenser that is designed, developed and handmade by a master craftsman in Lancashire.

These gorgeous optic decanter units are a beautiful addition to any home bar. They are easy to use and have a joyful, interactive nature. Finished to a high standard, each item is unique due to the subtle variations in the natural materials used to craft them such as the metal, wood and slate. The metal base is coated with a glass-like resin to keep a lustrous finish and to make it resistant to discolouration.

These fun and quirky pieces are ideal for parties as well as quiet nights in. After all, everyone loves to be their own bartender.



Adonis Designs

Slate Optic


Adonis Designs

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  • Expertly hand-made to a high quality finish by Adonis Designs in Lancashire, England.

    Made from the most beautiful, hand picked slate and complemented with a base of hand-brushed copper, brass or aluminium. The optic is designed to fit any standard long-necked bottle (for example, full sized whisky, rum or vodka bottles). Simply turn the Optic unit over and push firmly down onto the neck of the open bottle. The entire unit can then be placed on any level surface. The set includes an ornamental glass bottle for use alongside for use of any tipple sold in a shorter necked bottle (gin or liquor). A decanting funnel and cork is also included. Each use pouring mechanism made from solid copper that dispenses 25mls spirit measure.


  • Height: approx 35cm
    Base Width: 25cm
    Base Length: 20cm

  • 1 Gold and 1 Silver in stock. Ready for immediate dispatch. Up to 7 days for Copper.

  • Do not use chemical based cleaning products or soap on your dispenser optic as the slate has been treated with a natural oil coating. In the case of spillages or staining wipe clean with warm water only. The interior is simple to keep clean, by decanting a mild optic fluid or water between bottles. Indoor use only is recommended.