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We adore the detailed, clever, witty designs of Max McCance's furniture and sculptural objects.

For an inanimate object, the Crab Stool brims with character. Its pointy, claw-like toes stand delicately ‘en pointe’ on the floor, its back slightly arched as if it is ready at any moment to scuttle sideways across the room. The dowel ends also remind us of beady eyes watching our every move.

The pointiness of the claw ends is cleverly emphasised by the contrasting wood. That a crab-inspired stool should be constructed using a marine-grade hardwood further enhances its appeal.

We have selected the Crab Stool knowing that it can enhance either a traditional or a contemporary space. We would recommend this for use in a hallway. It is great to perch on while putting on or taking off shoes. Your Crab is guaranteed to be a conversation piece as well as a useful item of furniture, of which you will never grow tired.



Max McCance

Crab Stool hand crafted by Max McCance for AUTHOR's collection of British-made luxury and unique furniture

What our customers say...

I ordered a gorgeous pinch bowl for a girlfriends 40th and it arrived as promised; beautiful wrapped with a lovely personalised note and information on the piece and who made it. Everything was of such high quality and elegantly put together….my friend absolutely loved it and really appreciated the effort I had gone to. I didn't tell her it wasn’t quite all done by me!

Jennie Bett


Max McCance

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  • From the workshop of Max McCance in rural Fife.

    Give this characterful hermit a home.

    Made from Mahogany and Opepe (a very durable Marine Hardwood, which is used for Sea Defence).

    Despite its spiky, spiny appearance, the Crab Stool is surprisingly comfortable to sit on. The contours of the horizontal bars are shaped to fit one’s posterior. The stool is also more robust than it may first appear, with steel reinforcing inside to provide extra strength. Despite their pointy appearance, the pincer ends are designed to be weigh-supporting.


  • Width: 51cm
    Height: 41cm
    Depth: 24cm

  • Up to two months, depending on the Max’s schedule

  • Does not need to be oiled or waxed. Simply dust and clean with furniture spray.