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Cylindrical oval side table with three options.

The oval shape means that they are convenient to place alongside seating without protruding out across a thoroughfare, therefore ideal when space is at a premium. The smooth, rounded silhouette also means there are no shin-bashing, bruising sharp edges or corners.

They have been designed with a tough, visitor-friendly finish that will endure everyday use. The tables are robust, solid and sturdy. The table surface is large enough to display a small ornament as well as a book and a drink, or a lamp.

Ellipse I sits lower than II and III as it has no additional decoration making it suitable for either traditional or contemporary styled spaces due to its dark colour tones. The brass plinth on Ellipse II and III give a light-reflective glow underneath, elevating the table from the floor. We have added the further option of a hammered-finish top to Ellipse III, with delicate brass edging. A stunning finish that reminds us of almost a metal honeycomb.



Author's Own

Ellipse III oval metal side table with hammered top by AUTHOR


Author's Own

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  • Commissioned by AUTHOR for our own collection of contemporary furniture and accessories.

    The drums have been fabricated with Rolled Mild Steel and painted in tones of bitter chocolate and paprika. The Ellipse tables are available in three varying options, with or without a plinth stand and hammered top.


  • Depth: 50cm
    Width: 34.5cm

    Overall height varies according to styling option required.
    Ellipse I: Plain with no plinth. Height: 52.5cm
    Ellipse II: With a bronze plinth. Height: 56.3cm
    Ellipse III: With a bronze plinth and aged brass, hammered top. Height: 56.5cm

  • 6 to 8 weeks

  • Use a soft cloth and water to clean. Do not use abrasive pads.