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Enigma is perfect in its imperfect nature.

You would not think the delicate and beautiful long threads of glass would be able to bear the weight of the concrete it is merged with yet amazingly it does, challenging the fragile connotations glass usually pertains.

The concrete and glass appear to have evolved and grown together naturally. Nevertheless, the sharp, triangular shape speaks of its brutalist architectural-inspired form. It highlights the sharp connotations of glass as well as the bold, solid properties of concrete. This is definitely a conversation starter piece which should be exhibited elegantly in your home.

Be sure to display it with admirable lighting or display it near a window were daylight can shine through. The way in which the light reflects on the glass threads gives this stunning piece a whole new dimension. 



Harry Morgan

 Enigma glass and concrete sculpture handmade in Britain by Harry Morgan for AUTHOR


Harry Morgan

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  • Creatively formed in Harry Morgan’s studio in Edinburgh.

    This one-off piece is made using an ancient Venetian glassblowing technique called ‘murrine’ to create each individual, delicate thread of glass.


  • Height: 78cm
    Width: 32cm
    Depth: 32cm

  • 6 to 8 weeks.

    A specialised delivery service will be required for this piece; our customer service team will be in contact to discuss delivery options & related costs.

  • Wipe and dust with a soft clean cloth.