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Make it easy to head off on an impulse romantic picnic or a great show day out

Sling your most comfortable picnic blanket or throw over your shoulder with McRostie’s Balmoral rug holder. The gorgeous blanket carrier has wraparound straps with solid brass buckles for easy adjustment. The blanket or throw is protected from the buckle by leather ‘safes’. There is a separate carry handle attached to the connecting strap and a detachable shoulder strap making a variety of handy ways to carry your favourite throw. 

We admire the integrity and dedication McRostie pour into their leather items. The sheer craftsmanship is so plain to see and something to appreciate. The distinctive and beautiful smell of their British bridle leather will take you back to days of horse riding in your childhood.



Author's Own

Balmoral Rug Holder handmade by McRostie for AUTHOR


Author's Own

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  • Commissioned from the McRostie workshop in Renfreshire, Scotland for our AUTHOR's Own Collection.

    Leather blanket/throw/rug carrier and solid brass buckles with carry handle and detachable leather shoulder strap. Handmade with 100% Dark Brown British cowhide bridle leather with a hand embossed with a "AUTHOR by McRostie" stamp.


  • All measurements are approximate.

    Connecting strap - with carry handle:
    Length: 11” / 28cm
    Width : 1” / 2.5cm

    Wrap around straps:
    Length (tip of leather to first hole of five holes): 20” / 50.8cm
    Width : 0.75” / 2cm

    Shoulder strap, detachable:
    Length: 43.5”/ 110.49cm
    Width 0.625" / 1.59cm

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  • British natural vegetable tanned bridle leather takes on a patina with use, handling and age. An occasional application of a proprietary leather wax shoe polish with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush and rubbed in with a different soft clean cloth or soft bristle brush is recommended, just as you would with a pair of leather shoes. This will extend the product’s life and encourage a rich patina. Do not use oil or any oil based products. For water spills, absorb the excess liquid gently with a clean cloth or paper towel and leave to dry naturally. Do not rush the drying process or leave to dry on a radiator, in the sun or in any other direct heat source. For any liquid other than water, pour a little water over the affected area to help run-off the liquid and proceed as you would for a water spillage. Once completely dry, the piece may benefit from an application of polish.