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A beautiful horse head sculpture

This stunning horse head sculpture has been handcrafted by sculptor and illustrator Jennie McCall in her Midlands based studio. Jennie has named this piece 'Vincent' as it is the Latin name for 'One who conquered', which is apt for this handsome, masculine war horse that is also inspired by the steampunk movement.

This piece will sit beautifully in whatever room it is placed as a feature piece or sit happily amongst a room filled with a collector's curated art. This horse head's steampunk aesthetic and gold lustre detail on its forehead make it unique and a definite conversation starter.



Jennie McCall

'Vincent' Sculpture by Jennie McCall for AUTHOR's luxury collection of British-made home accessories

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Jennie McCall

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  • Creatively handmade by sculptor and illustrator, Jennie McCall, in her Midlands based studio.

    Hand crafted in black stoneware clay. The base is made from blackened oak. Each of jennie's sculptures are handcrafted individually and so no two are the same. This piece will be special and uniquely made for you.


  • 36cm x 12cm x 12cms
    Weight: 3kg

  • 4-6 weeks

  • Use a soft brush to dust when needed