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A coffee table made of royalty

This unique coffee table features the artwork of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia. Elizabeth is referred to as the 'Winter Queen' as her husband, Frederick V of the Palatinate, was only king for one winter. The artwork is hand painted onto the chunky base that has been crafted from reclaimed English railway sleepers then sealed with a glaze. 

This unique coffee table would be well suited for an eclectically styled sitting room. Its dark wood colouring allows it to sit comfortably in either a traditionally or contemporary styled space.  



Cappa E Spada

Grand Winter Queen Coffee Table by Cappa E Spada for AUTHOR's collections of British-made, luxury furniture

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Jane , I just wanted to thank you and your team very much for sorting the majority of my Christmas Presents out last year and on a continuing basis of assisting with Birthday Gifts and thank you gifts on the business front . 

Your growing inventory of lovely works of art and furniture  small and large is really something to behold as is your range of beautifully merchandised range of products . 

The selection advice is always first class as is the most beautiful wrapping , presentation and delivery service .... really rather unique and personal in today’s mass produced world . 



Cappa E Spada

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  • Creatively handcrafted in the Cappa E Spada workshop in the North of England.

    This coffee table is made of PEFC certified wood. Hand built in England from reclaimed railway sleepers, each sleeper has been hand sanded to retain the character of the wood and create a rustic chunky base. The table is brought to life with the artwork of the Winter Queen, Elizabeth Stuart - Queen of Bohemia, on top which has been hand painted, crafted and distressed into the wood, then protected with a hard glaze finish. The legs are a Queen Anne design and have an Antique Brown finish.


  • Width: 125cm
    Depth: 125cm
    Height: 40cm
    Weight: 50kg

  • 6 to 8 weeks as made to order

  • Lightly dust when needed