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Inspired by tactile, woody seed pods from the forest floor. 

The inspiration behind pieces such as the Cone Table are clear but the technical know-how and patient assembly that goes into each piece are also very impressive. There is probably an aspect of this that appeals to the scientific or mathematically minded, given the advance planning and accuracy needed to assemble all the separate pieces. 

We ourselves prefer to sit back and enjoy the overall effect of the beautifully finished piece. The Cone Table is pleasing to behold, with its bulbous, egg-shaped lower part and smoked oak timber.

Due to its taller proportions, this table is a perfect height for sitting on top an interesting object or sculpture, making it a focal point in your space. We have used the Cone Table to place on top a sympathetically shaped, curvy-contoured lamp base or sculpture. 

The fumed oak timber looks stunning in its infancy but will also age wonderfully over time. And as with many pieces of furniture in the AUTHOR collections, we have selected this piece table knowing that it can enhance either a traditional, period or contemporary space.




Max McCance

Cone table hand made by Max McCance for AUTHOR Interiors

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"We required a business gift to be sent to an associate as a thank you. AUTHOR procured, beautifully packaged and delivered the gift with a lovely hand written note. It was done seamlessly and professionally and was so easy, I wasn’t even in the country! I would highly recommend them if you ever required a gift service."

R. Forster ( Fife)


Max McCance

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  • From the workshop of Max McCance in rural Fife.

    The Cone table is made with Fumed Oak which gives it a beautiful dark tone and character. There are three small, oak, button feet under the base which raise the table slightly up from the floor. This creates a beautiful shadow gap and also makes the table stable on any surface.


  • Diameter (circular top): 33.6cm
    Height: 80.5cm
    Thickness of table top: 3cm
    Thickness of base: 5cm

  • Up to two months, depending on the Max’s schedule.

  • The timber does not need to be oiled or waxed. Simply dust and clean with furniture spray.