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The design of this madras is very close to AUTHOR's heart. Using motifs from the grounds of AUTHOR's Georgian manse headquarters, textile designer, Iona Crawford, has incorporated cherubs from the nearby church into the design of this madras. The chubby, plump cheeks of the cherubic face is repeated throughout the design have an emotional connection - reminds you of home.

A carved, lichen covered, centuries old head stone sculpture that has been translated into a soft, translucent, light, airy contemporary design that by no means is threatening or scary. Bespoke just for us makes it all the more interesting and special. 




Iona Crawford

Cherub Madras by British designer Iona Crawford for AUTHOR: home of British-made luxury homeware

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‘Author’ quite simply tells the story of their products. Author introduces the maker, describes their journey,  infects you with their enthusiasm and then guides you to the right conclusion, delivering an outstanding shopping  experience directly into your home. Personal and curated style available to everyone, everywhere. Can’t recommend Jane and the team enough

Mrs H Van Der Kuyl 


Iona Crawford

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  • Beautifully designed by Iona Crawford in her Atelier in the West End of Glasgow exclusively for AUTHOR.

    This gorgeous lace madras is made from 100% cotton and made in the west of Scotland. This madras is perfect for a sheer curtain for privacy but equally can be used to interesting effect on lampshades or a bed throw. Please note that the price above is based per metre.


  • Width: 180cm
    Price is based per metre and the fabric is sold by metre.

  • 6 to 8 weeks

  • Hand wash using mild detergent in hand warm water or machine wash on delicate cycle.
    Do not use a brightening agent. Rinse carefully, squeezing gently, in lukewarm water.
    Pull fabric firmly, sideways and lengthways, whilst still damp.
    Iron carefully at Cotton setting.
    Do not tumble or spin dry.
    We advise professional dry cleaning but only by firms that have experience of fine fabrics.