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Scoop, heap, dollop.

The symmetry and positioning of the grain in each of this maker's unique spoons is no accident – each piece of wood has been carefully selected and it shows. These are spoons we love to get to know personally, enjoying the way the grain runs along and around the handle or maps the contours of the bowl of the spoon.

The bowl of the Sonokeling Rosewood spoon is well-proportioned, generously deep and good for dolloping. It is the perfect size for scooping chutney or serving fruit, salad, vegetables, pickles, chutneys or condiments at the table.

We love to experiment with interesting, colourful salads and vegetables – from quinoa to beetroot and various bean and lentil concoctions – all of which deserve one of these beautiful serving spoons thoughtfully positioned alongside.

Invite friends for an informal lunch, select your spoons and let guests serve themselves to salads and cold platters, heaping high and scraping to the bottom of plates, serving bowls and jars. Who knew that this hostess job could be so delightfully simple?



Louise Forbes

Sonokeling Rosewood Deep Jar Spoon by Louise Forbes for AUTHOR

What our customers say...

How lovely to see such beautifully made British originals at the touch of a button . The Author team find and display a range of very special pieces that will become the heirlooms of the future.

Chamkilla Thompson


Louise Forbes

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  • Exceptionally hand-carved by Louise Forbes in her Dundee studio.

    Sonokeling is Indonesian Rosewood, known for its deep red brown hues. The spoon has been treated with food-safe oil.


  • Length: ranges between 21-24 cm.
    Spoon head diameter: ranges between 4-4.5cm

  • 3 to 5 weeks for one spoon, 6 to 8 if in a group order

  • Never soak the spoon in water; instead just wipe with a damp cloth then dry. Rub with some food-safe oil every few months. Olive oil, walnut oil and vegetable oil are all suitable.