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A natural, crackled mosaic forged in the crackle of flames.

Raku is an ancient firing technique that was used traditionally in Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It was developed by potters in the USA during the late 50’s and from there it has evolved to what it is today.

To achieve the crackled white eggshell finish, the pots are covered in a thin coating of clay slip and glaze after being fired. The pot is then fired again and placed with sawdust and shredded paper. As it cools the glaze crackles, allowing smoke to penetrate through the cracks to mark the surface of the pot. The glaze and clay layer are then scraped off revealing the gorgeous, unpredictable smoke pattern underneath.

We adore how the maker pairs these stunningly patterned pots with driftwood she has found on beaches and on the shores of lochs, speaking to our beachcomber’s spirit. We admire the wonderfully rounded, curved shape of her pot which evokes the shape of sea worn pebbles. This pot should be displayed proudly on top of a high table, or by a windowsill where the daylight can shine on its splendid pebble-like surface.




Crackle Raku Pot



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  • Wonderfully handmade in Glasgow.

    Hand built clay, Raku fired with white crackle glaze and paired with a driftwood handle.


  • Height: 40cm
    Width: 32cm

  • This specific pot can be delivered within 7 days.
    These pots are individually made, so no pot is the same. It could be up to 5-7 weeks, depending on the maker’s schedule, to receive another one of her designs.

  • Just a light dust when needed. If required, a light coat of beeswax will do.