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A Decorative, Geometric Pendant

Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920's & 30's and featuring beautifully styled intricate fretwork, reminiscent of the decorative screens popularised by the period, the Deco Pendant Light is an exquisite solution to room lighting like its Wall Light counterpart. This gorgeous pendant lantern almost has a Moroccan lantern aesthetic and feel. 

It is a small, delicate lantern that works perfectly above intimate dining tables and cosy hallways. The light takes on new life when grouped and staggered, which is especially effective for staircases or high ceilings in living spaces.

Made using traditional metal working methods, each piece features a rolled brass shade with an expertly cut design and finished with a variety of metal finish choices. The lining underneath the ornate pattern is frosted to give a warm glow from the light and to display the cut out design elegantly.



Fosbery Studio

Deco Pendant Light made in Britain by Fosbery Studio for AUTHOR Interiors' collection of British made luxury pendant lighting

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I ordered the fabulous Mary Velvet chair to give my sitting room a lift. It has been such a success, so comfortable and very eye catching. The help I received from the AUTHOR team was second to none.

Ishbel Hardie.


Fosbery Studio

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  • Designed and created in the Fosbery Studio in Folkstone, Kent.

    Crafted from solid brass with an Art Deco styled cut out pattern and frosted lining. Includes 1 x SES UK 25 watt lamp. This pendant lamp is available in four different metal finishes: Aged Bronze, Antique Brass, Satin Brass and Satin Nickel.


  • Height: 221mm
    Diameter: 80mm
    (Suspension 750mm adjustable)

  • Approximately 2 - 3 weeks depending on the studio's schedule

  • Lightly dust when required