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A classic rocking chair design.

Thomas Hardy, Dorset-born poet, paid ode to the beauty of furniture under the sensational poem Old Furniture. The poem in question has deliciously infected the minds of generations, feeding its way to David Irwin’s classic Hardy Rocker.  

These originates from two chair typologies design dating back to the 19th century: Captain’s Chair and Smokers Bow. The first being a wooden, low-backed armchair and the second a low-back Windsor frequented in barber shops, public houses, cottages and smoking rooms. 

The Hardy Rocker is Solid Certified Oiled Ash or Oak and proudly made in Britain. It is perfect for tailored cushioning for both seat and back.



Another Country

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Another Country

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  • Proudly made in Britain by the talented craftspeople at the Another Country workshop.

    The Hardy Rocker is Solid Certified Oiled Ash or Oak and designed by Northern Irish designer, David Irwin. A fine combination of both the Captain’s Chair and Smokers Bow designs dating back to the 19th century. Available in three varieties: Ash, Black Lacquered Ash and Oak.


  • Width: 585mm / 23″
    Height: 1204mm / 47 3/8″
    Depth: 807mm / 31 3/4″
    Seat height: 403mm / 15 7/8″

  • This piece is made to order. 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Do not use spirits, bleaches or any other chemical cleaners to clean the timber. Please ensure that direct contact with hot objects is avoided by using tablemats. Avoid spillages and do not use any corrosive products such as bleach anywhere near the timber. Any spillages should be wiped clean as quickly as possible. Once the immediate spillage is cleared, ensure that the whole surface is wiped clean.
    For long-term general maintenance, periodic reapplication of wax is required. Ideally, the furniture should be waxed once every six months to a year. You will need to use a clear hard wax. We recommend getting professionally done if you are unsure.