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Contemporary design shows its softer side. 

The Lucinda Rug has a bold effect in cool silver and grey yarns for a very on-trend, contemporary look. While the pattern is strong, the colours are gentle and subtle. This is very much a rug to sit in the background while your other pieces of furniture and accessories take the limelight.

The subtle design and colouration lends itself to just about any space and existing colour scheme, although being viscose it does need to be kept dry. Therefore, we do not recommend it for use in a bathroom.

Mulier collection rugs are lightweight and therefore easy to move around as you wish. Lucinda is a great rug to move around and help define or redefine spaces, be it a fireside seating area or a working desk area. Also, being highly portable, it lends itself to being stored away for the warmer months. Then, when the temperature dips and your timber or stone floor needs some extra cosiness, bring her back out.



Wool Classics

Lucinda rug made in UK by Wool Classics for AUTHOR Interiors

What our customers say...

"We required a business gift to be sent to an associate as a thank you. AUTHOR procured, beautifully packaged and delivered the gift with a lovely hand written note. It was done seamlessly and professionally and was so easy, I wasn’t even in the country! I would highly recommend them if you ever required a gift service."

R. Forster ( Fife)


Wool Classics

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  • Designed by Wool Classics in London.

    The Lucinda Rug is comprised of 80% Viscose and 20% Cotton yarn. Hand knotted. Can be recoloured to any shade. Can also be resized or reshaped as required.


  • Length: 240 cm
    Width: 150 cm

  • 8 to 9 weeks. Sooner if the size you require is in stock.

  • Dry clean only