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A beautifully simple bowl

This gorgeous bowl is handmade by Ana Kerin of KANA London in her East London studio for AUTHOR's collections of unique, British-made furniture and home accessories. Hand built using stoneware clays,  this bowl has individual markings from the hand making process used to make it such as fingerprints, small imperfections or indentations giving it a tactile and rustic feel. This bowl is ideal for anything from pastas and salads to cereal. Knowing the love and care that has gone into making it and knowing its markings are from a hand crafting process will make you appreciate this bowl as you use it day to day. 



KANA London

Marble Bowl by KANA London for AUTHOR's collections of unique, British-made home accessories

What our customers say...

"We required a business gift to be sent to an associate as a thank you. AUTHOR procured, beautifully packaged and delivered the gift with a lovely hand written note. It was done seamlessly and professionally and was so easy, I wasn’t even in the country! I would highly recommend them if you ever required a gift service."

R. Forster ( Fife)


KANA London

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  • Beautifully handmade in the KANA London studio in East London.

    This marble bowl is hand built from stoneware clays. As with other KANA London pieces, it has unique small imperfections such as fingerprints, superficial cracks and indentations due to the technique making to create it.


  • Diameter: 16cm
    Height: 6cm
    Weight: 600g

  • 4 to 6 weeks, sometimes sooner depending on KANA London's studio schedule

  • Stoneware, food safe glazed and durable enough for everyday use. Hand washing is advised.