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A most elegant fowl, bringing a touch of glamour as she sashays onto your table and lights up your life.

There are few objects we can think of with as much character as Maud. This web-footed lamp has so much personality that it’s probably appropriate to think of it less as an accessory for your home and more as a feathery addition to the family. She brings a smile to our face every time we see her and it’s easy to imagine that she gives a friendly little squawk at us everytime we walk past, having strutted boldly onto our table from a nearby lake or pond.

We love the way that the movement in the legs and the pointing toe have been so cleverly captured. The feather shade is fun and frivolous, with the sequins adding just a touch of glamour. This lamp is a wonderfully creative way to animate a space and inject personality into an interior scheme.

Maud Strut Lamp



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  • Exquisitely sculpted and forged in Somerset.

    Flamingo legs in bronze with copper Verdigris. Lampshades options includes a frivolous feathers and sequins number (as priced above) or a calm, neutral silk. Prices will vary depending on lampshade choice.

    The bases are cast in bronze and carbon fibre, which makes the legs very strong. A specialist technique is used for layering each of the finishes. A layer of copper has been added to achieve the Verdigris finish.

    All the maker's lamps are sculpted and forged in Somerset, and comply with the safety requirements for UK and Europe. Should you require a bespoke shade, we would be happy to arrange this for you.


  • Width (overall ‘footprint’): 70.5cm
    Height (with shade): 42cm

  • 6-8 weeks

  • When cleaning becomes necessary, simply acquaint your lampshade with her feathery duster cousin. The base be dusted but avoid abrasive materials and cleaning agents. We recommend a 60 Watt low voltage bulb.