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A love poem from a plate to you.

These gorgeous, gold edged plates are pleasing to set the table with. We adore the lovely juxtaposition of the traditional gilded edging and the quirky, amusing poetry. The romantic, old, love letter styled handwriting, complete with dips of ink and imperfections, is a delight revealed upon eating. It is a design true to Mineheart's style with their love for classic, baroque inspired design and adding their own contemporary twist to it. 

These plates will make you smile every time you use them or if you walk past them if they are hung decoratively on a wall. All your guests will fall in love with the sweet sentimental words scrolled across them which adds an extra charm to dinner parties. 




Poetry Plates by Mineheart for AUTHOR's collection of British-made unique furniture and homeware

What our customers say...

How lovely to see such beautifully made British originals at the touch of a button . The Author team find and display a range of very special pieces that will become the heirlooms of the future.

Chamkilla Thompson



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  • Designed and crafted in the south of England by the talented team at Mineheart.

    Fine bone china plates with gold lustre edging and blue ink text. Plates can also be customised with a special message on the rear.


  • Small: 165mm in diameter. Wording says, "A little bit on the side."
    Medium: 203mm in diameter. Wording says, "I am nothing but a simple plate, porcelain skin painted gold and blue. I am not a poet, just a dish, but I'll leave that judgement up to you."
    Large: 266mm in diameter. Wording says, "I love the way you look at me, and the way you use your knife. I love the way you eat your food, you give meaning to my life."

  • 2 to 3 weeks

  • Hand wash. Repeated dishwasher use is not recommended.