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A gorgeous Mid-Century Modern Inspired Dining Chair

The Sennon Dining Chair is named after the beautiful Sennen Cove in Cornwall for its striking beauty and presence. This classic shaped chair has a contemporary twist with its hand turned back legs and splayed front legs, making it a delightful and elegant addition to any dining table. The luxurious leather upholstery is utterly comfortable and the slanted backrest gives extra comfort to the user. 

Ben selects exquisite pieces of black walnut or ash to create these dining chairs. He uses these hard words due to their beautiful colour and variation in grain pattern,



Ben Tcharny

Sennon dining chair by Ben Tcharny for AUTHOR Interiors' collection of British-made luxury furniture


Ben Tcharny

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  • Hand crafted by Ben Tcharny in his South London workshop.

    The Sennon Dining Chair is handmade with either black walnut or ash hardwoods. It is upholstered seat with made from luxurious leather. A selection of leathers and fabrics are available to choose from. Please get in touch if you would like to do so. Other colours are available at an additional cost as is upholstering the dining chair with your own leather or fabric.


  • Height: 78cm
    Width: 49cm
    Depth: 46cm

  • 8 – 10 week lead time

  • Should the unthinkable happen, wipe over the leather with a clean, damp cloth. Use the same for the wood but rub in the direction of the grain and use a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Long term care instructions will be provided on delivery.