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Real Slate Cube Lighting.

These contemporary and stunning lamps are made from a thin layer of slate, showing the beauty and natural variation of the rock, no piece is the same. Ideal on a bookcase, desk or bar, these lamps look elegant from any level. When lit, the slate can be viewed in a whole new light, literally! The natural tone of the rock changes when illuminated. The warm glow emitted creates relaxing, soft lighting for a cosy atmosphere. 

The light source for the lamps comes from economical LEDs with very low power consumption. If attached to a power bank, the lights can be used for outdoor lighting to set mood lighting for an evening with friends outside. 




Slate Cube Lamps



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  • Beautifully made by the maker in Stirling, Scotland.

    Made from thin Slate veneer and economical LEDs. Each cube comes with a 1m cable and an USB socket in either white (for Sand) or black (for Rustique Grey). Please note that a power plug is not included. We encourage our customers to re-use an old tablet or phone USB power plug to make their little contribution to our precious environment. 2m or 3m cable extensions can be provided. Please get in touch if needed as an additional cost will be added.


  • Width: 12.5cm
    Depth: 12.5cm
    Height: 12.5cm
    Weight: approx 400grams

    Power Consumption:
    2 Watt or 400mA at 5V. Using a typical 6000mAh power bank, a single lamp will stay lit for approximately 15 hours.

  • up to 2 weeks

  • While the utmost care goes in to handcrafting each piece and selecting consistent slate veneer, the natural variations associated with slate are inevitable. However, these variations always add to the character and make each piece 100% unique. The cubes only require light dusting with a soft, clean cloth.