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A striking, structural lampshade.

This beautiful inverted tulip-shaped lampshade is a fantastic centre piece and conversation starter for any lounge, hall or sitting room. Its organic inspired shape is reflective of nature, an inspiration that we draw from for many of our designs here at AUTHOR. Its sculptural design and pleasing proportion makes it fitting for contemporary styled spaces; nevertheless, its neutral colouring allows it to fit into a traditional styled room as well without overshadowing. 

The way it casts light across a room through its patterned, laser cut exterior is simply stunning and a testament to the patient assembly of each piece and rivet by hand by the maker. 



Nebb Abbott

Tulip Lampshade by Neb Abbott for AUTHOR's collections of unique British-made home accessories

What our customers say...

I ordered a gorgeous pinch bowl for a girlfriends 40th and it arrived as promised; beautiful wrapped with a lovely personalised note and information on the piece and who made it. Everything was of such high quality and elegantly put together….my friend absolutely loved it and really appreciated the effort I had gone to. I didn't tell her it wasn’t quite all done by me!

Jennie Bett


Nebb Abbott

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  • Expertly handmade in Manchester, England by Neb Abbott.

    Made from dark grey card, laser cut and assembled by hand. All shades come with one metre of two core jute cable with a wooden bulb holder to take E27 bulbs. No bulb included.


  • Size: 400mm

  • Ready for dispatch within 3 weeks.

  • A light dusting when needed with a feather duster or a soft, clean cloth.