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This beautiful coffee table matches the way we take our coffee – rich and dark.

We particularly like the irregular, non-rectangular shape of the ‘tree slice’ top, which is the perfect low height for a stack of interiors magazines to accompany our coffee.

The slim proportions of this table make it a useful piece of furniture for making the most of limited space. The legs kick out at a jaunty angle, which adds further interest.



Hugh Parsons

Tree Slice Table by Hugh Parsons for AUTHOR's collections of luxury and unique British-made furniture

What our customers say...

Jane , I just wanted to thank you and your team very much for sorting the majority of my Christmas Presents out last year and on a continuing basis of assisting with Birthday Gifts and thank you gifts on the business front . 

Your growing inventory of lovely works of art and furniture  small and large is really something to behold as is your range of beautifully merchandised range of products . 

The selection advice is always first class as is the most beautiful wrapping , presentation and delivery service .... really rather unique and personal in today’s mass produced world . 



Hugh Parsons

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  • From the Edinburgh Workshop of Hugh Parsons.

    This table is made in an ebonised ash, a truly British wood, with a lacquer finish.


  • Length: 115cm
    Height: 55cm
    Width: 33cm

  • 8 weeks, depending on Hugh Parsons' schedule.

    A specialised delivery service will be required for this piece; our customer service team will be in contact to discuss delivery options & related costs.

  • Avoid placing your furniture too close to radiators or other sources of heat, as extreme temperatures can trigger slight movement in the timber and dry it out. Position the table away from bright or hot lights and high humidity, ensuring adequate ventilation at all times.
    The lacquer finish can be cleaned easily by wiping with a damp, lint-free cloth. For polishing, Hugh Parsons recommends that only silicon-free polishes be used, applied using a dry, lint-free cloth, wiping always in the direction of the grain.
    Should a careless guest scratch or mark the lacquered finish do not attempt to remedy this yourself, but seek the advice of a professional polisher. And consider carefully whether you invite the person again.
    If you need to move your table, take care not to drag it as this can cause damage to the timber. We suggest that this is a perfect job for two able assistants, whilst you oversee and offer encouragement.
    If you are unsure about any aspect of caring for your furniture, please check with AUTHOR as incorrect after-care may result in accidental damage to the finish.