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A gorgeous, spherical bronze decorative bowl

This decorative, solid bronze bowl is another unique and exquisite contemporary artefact from London based, British artist, Neil Lemaire. Neil uses the ancient Lost Wax bronze casting method to create his stunning pieces. A natural oxidisation technique is used to accelerate the ageing process of the exterior of this piece to give it its blue patination. Neil has used ancient patina chemicals to create the hypnotic and enchanting blue patterned interior.

A truly unique and one of a kind piece that should be displayed for all to admire.



Neil Lemaire

Aqua Viscosity Globe Bronze Vessel by Neil Lemaire for AUTHOR's collection of British made unique and rare home accessories

What our customers say...

I received my order of candles, some for myself and some for Christmas pressies.

Author has gone to the trouble of beautifully wrapping the ones I had for as gifts, which made giving them to my family such a joy! And I am thoroughly enjoying burning the ones I purchased for myself. I think Tranquil is my favourite and remind me of being in a very luxurious spa! Thank you Author! Can I order some more please?!

Mrs L Clark


Neil Lemaire

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  • Creatively handcrafted by bronze artist, Neil Lemaire, in his London studio.

    Handmade in wax which is dipped in a ceramic material. The wax is melted out and molten bronze is poured in to create the long lasting, beautiful bronze bowl.


  • Length: 18cm
    Width: 18cm
    Height: 12cm
    Weight: 2.3kg

  • 4 weeks

  • Avoid cleaning any patinated surfaces. Can be dusted using a soft paint brush. Suitable for outdoors, but will evolve due to natural weathering.