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This maker’s wooden objects are simple and charming.

Form meets function and while unassuming, these are objects of captivating beauty. When holding this board, it really is hard to resist running your fingers along it to feel the warmth and smoothness of the worked timber. Looking closely, you notice the symmetry and positioning of the grain in each unique item, which of course is no accident.

Each piece of wood has been carefully selected for its qualities. Your individual board will have a personality of its own, shown in the unique way the grain follows the contours of the board and the three ‘pickle dimples’.

This platter is perfect for a lazy lunch with friends, where you as host sit back and let your guests help themselves. Heap cheeses or meats on the platter, with a generous dollop of chutney in each carved dimple. The dimples could also be filled with olives, tapenade, sea salt, nuts, berries or cream.



Louise Forbes

Platter Board by Louise Forbes for AUTHOR's collection of British-made unique interior accessories

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Margaret T


Louise Forbes

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  • Exceptionally hand-carved by Louise Forbes in her Dundee studio.

    Made from black walnut with three 'pickle dimples'.

    Prices vary from £40 - £100 depending on size and the number of dimples wanted.


  • 32cm x 23cm

  • 2 in stock at the moment: both walnut with 1 dimple. 1 has a bark detailing on its side.

  • Never soak the board in water; instead just wipe with a damp cloth then dry. Rub with some food safe oil every few months. Olive oil, walnut oil and vegetable oil are all suitable.