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An after-dinner board game for the discerning.

The Cribbage Board is an exquisite grown-up plaything. It is a beautifully crafted work of art, pleasingly tactile and with a neatly stitched leather case.

The maker, Hugh Parsons, was introduced to cribbage as a teenager and is fond of the game and its importance to Scottish and British culture.

We love that Hugh combines his woodworking skills and his interest in cribbage. He decided to produce this handmade cribbage board as a tasteful, unique and desirable alternative to the mass-produced versions available.



Hugh Parsons

Cribbage Board hand crafted by Hugh Parsons for AUTHOR: the home of British-made luxury homeware


Hugh Parsons

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  • Exquisitely crafted by Hugh Parsons in his Edinburgh workshop.

    These Cribbage Boards are made by hand in Scotland using the finest rippled sycamore and walnut wood, with a lacquer finish and 24 carat gold plated components. The board is cased in an exclusive, artisan-produced leather pocket that can be optionally embossed with a name, initials, logo or monogram in gold. The game comes complete with a signed note from the maker, play instructions and a set of playing cards.


  • Length: 23.5cm without gold screw, 26cm with gold screw.
    Height: 1.9cm
    Width: 4.7cm

  • 4 weeks

  • Your cribbage board is made by hand from natural products and hence care should be taken to ensure it remains in fine condition. Be aware that gold is a soft precious metal that can be easily scratched. Both the wooden and gold components require special care. Full care instructions for your cribbage board are provided with the product.