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Dovedale Design Studio

Fifty Cigar Humidor handmade in Britain by Dovedale Design Studio for AUTHOR

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Exquisitely hand crafted by the talented team at Dovedale Design Studio in London.

Made from thousands of year old Bog Oak and is lined with Spanish Cedar, with brass detail and brass inlaid finger joints.

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  • Width: 300mm
    Depth: 136mm
    Height: 240mm

  • 7 to 8 weeks as this piece is made to order

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  • We suggest using two-way humidity control packs. Place one inside the magnetised case found attached to the ceiling of the humidor. Place a calibrated hygrometer inside the humidor. Close the lid. Check the humidity reading on your hygrometer daily. When it reaches the 68-72% range, the wood has been properly stabi- lised. At this stage, it is considered the ideal range for proper cigar storage.

    It is essential to keep the wood dry, using only a damp cloth to wipe clean if necessary. Annual oiling of the Bog-oak wo od with natural transparent wood oil is suggested. Keep the box in a dry environment. The wood inside your humidor is high-quality Spanish cedar that is kiln dried — this process guards against sapping, splitting and warping. In order for it to perform at its best, the wood must re-absorb moisture. Please follow these directions to season your humidor properly. To help maintain your investment, we suggest the following: Never place your humidor near a heating vent or in direct sunlight. The sun could fade the finish of the wood and raise the temperature inside the humidor. Do not wipe the interior of your humidor with water or any other liquid as it may damage the cedar lining. Avoid any unnecessary opening of your humidor lid. This will allow humidity to escape. Avoid storing foreign objects such as lighters, cutters, etc. inside the cigar storage portion of your humidor.
Why we love this product

A hand crafted beauty

Brass inlaid finger joints contain the thousand-of-years-old North Cambridgeshire Bog Oak boxed construct together. The cigar humidor homes fifty cigars within the Spanish cedar lining within. Once opened the sweet aroma of cedar is released.   


What our customers say...

‘care for the environment, attention to detail, and backing British Makers’ 

Margaret T