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From afar, walls of Mary are lavish, abstract exclamations of texture and colour, surface and pattern.

 Further elements of the pattern and finer details come into focus as one approaches, and getting closer still, the historical references and imagery are revealed. Seeing the layers of texture, colour and detail is like looking back through time, with fleeting glimpses of centuries past and hints of what lies beneath.

Mary is Blackpop's feminine counterpart to the more intensely hued Henry paper. The design is delightfully fun and frivolous. The colours are unapologetically vibrant and in the rooms in which we have used this design, we have noted that it surprisingly lovely to be surrounded by. The contrasting blues and reds are not as challenging as we first expected them to be.

Choose Mary as a fabulous backdrop against which to place neutral furniture or to hang art. A bedroom or dayroom hung with Mary paper will be a truly joyous space to inhabit.




Mary Wallpaper by Blackpop for AUTHOR's collection of British-made luxury and unique homeware

What our customers say...

I ordered a gorgeous pinch bowl for a girlfriends 40th and it arrived as promised; beautiful wrapped with a lovely personalised note and information on the piece and who made it. Everything was of such high quality and elegantly put together….my friend absolutely loved it and really appreciated the effort I had gone to. I didn't tell her it wasn’t quite all done by me!

Jennie Bett



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  • Printed fearlessly in the UK by the talented team at Blackpop. Please note that the price above is per 10m roll.

    One of Blackpop’s abstract, punky mash-ups inspired by The National Gallery’s collection of Tudor paintings.

    We recommend getting a sample before making a large order. We are happy to provide you one for free, just get in touch.

    The Mary Wallpaper is digitally printed in the UK with environmentally friendly inks (no formaldehyde) on coated, non-woven paper.


  • Width: 52cm
    Roll length: 10m
    Pattern drop: 78.32cm
    Style: Half drop
    Weight: 180 gms

  • If not in stock – 3 to 5 weeks

  • Paste the wall with a ready-mixed wallpaper paste. The pattern is UV-stable. Sponge lightly, if needed.