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Sailing with the tides to far lands

Seafarers across the seven seas have ignited imagination of the artist to create Melville. In this sea turtle bearing whales swim against gentle tides. Melville is available in colour range of soft and dark charcoal; bronze; and cloudy grey and stormy midnight.



Cole & Son

Melville Whimsical Wallpaper whale wallpaper by Cole & Son for AUTHOR

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Mrs H Van Der Kuyl 


Cole & Son

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  • Expertly designed and printed by the talented team at Cole & Son in London. Please note that the price above is per roll.

    We can provide a free sample for you of this wallpaper, please get in touch if you would like one.

    This dynamic non-woven wallpaper of whales, turtles and fish are in Cole & Son's Whimsical collection which is a nostalgic and enchanting selection of magical wallpapers, inspired by the classic childhood stories and fairy tales of our youth.
    Available colours: Soft & Dark Charcoal, Cloudy Grey, Stormy Midnight and Bronze.


  • Length: 10m
    Width: 68.5cm
    Material: Non-woven
    Paste: to the wall only
    Match: Half drop
    Pattern Repeat: 68.5cm

  • 3 days

  • Breathable and washable.

    We recommend using Cole & Son tub paste for hanging this wallpaper. Please get in touch if you would like to order some. If you choose to use another brand of paste, we recommend using a traditional style, starch based, ready mixed tub paste marked for non-woven wallpapers. PVA or PVC type adhesives are not suitable as they may cause surface staining or adhesion problems.