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A wonderfully ‘wobbly’ take on your classic stool.

We love that all three legs are not the same on this stool. The third quirky leg has a fantastic shape with its modern take on a traditional form of table or chair leg.

It is a clean and humble piece with lots of character that makes you smile every time you put your watch on it as a bedside table or sit on it as a stool.

Interesting to note, each stool is branded underneath with the Galvin Brothers' seal once it has been expertly and carefully inspected as well as being coated with an oil finish by hand. 



Galvin Brothers

(Perfectly) Imperfect Stool hand crafted by the Galvin Brothers in Britain for AUTHOR


Galvin Brothers

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  • Perfectly handcrafted by Galvin Brothers in East Yorkshire.

    The wonderful, curvy third leg is fixed using the traditional peg-and-wedge technique. The top is then hand finished and oiled with a hard-wax oil.

    Comes in a range of finishes – European Oak, American Walnut, White Oiled Ash and Ebonised Oak. If you need alternative sizes – bespoke services are available.


  • Width: 30cm
    Height: 46cm
    Depth: 30cm

  • 3 to 5 weeks

  • The hard-wax oil finish gives the timber a natural lustre and creates a microporous seal that allows the timber to breathe. It also protects the stool from everyday wear and tear as well as stains and spills. Please note that the hard-wax oil continues to harden for up to 4 weeks after application so please take care in the first few weeks after delivery.
    For daily cleaning, use a clean damp cloth and wipe in the direction of the grain. Make sure to remove excess moisture with a dry cloth. Be sure to wipe immediately if any spillages, especially liquids that stain. Do not use any detergents, furniture polishes or abrasive cleaners.
    For long term care, a periodic application of hard-wax oil every year or two is recommended.