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The Mallon Foundry

The Salmon of Knowledge bronze sculpture by The Mallon Foundry for AUTHOR

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A limited edition of twelve Bronzes cast in Northern Ireland by The Mallon Foundry.

An eye-catching Bronze inspired by the Celtic myth of Bradan, a salmon whose wisdom was passed on in unexpected ways.

The sculpture is cast in bronze using the primitive ‘Cire Perdue’ technique, in which the model goes through a series of incarnations, from clay, to wax, to ceramic and finally to bronze. The bronze is treated to achieve the amazingly deep colour, and coated with a layer of the maker’s very own beeswax.

The sculpture is discreetly stamped with its number, enabling your ownership of this very special piece to be recorded in the maker’s Owners Register.

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  • Height: 130mm
    Length: 260mm
    Width: 68mm
    Weight: 2.5kg (unboxed)

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  • In his first year, your salmon requires nothing more than a light tickle with a soft duster. The colour will continue to deepen. To keep the current patination you can reapply a layer of any natural paste wax, once a year, gently buffing afterwards with a soft cloth. Should your salmon become very dirty he can be cleaned using a little mild soap and water, rinsing well and drying completely before reapplying wax. For convenience, your sculpture arrives with his own little jar of beeswax.
Why we love this product

This bronze salmon is so expressive and characterful that he has almost become one of the family.

As well as being an incredibly eye-catching conversation piece, he is lovely to hold, feeling weighty and cool to the touch. Over time the colouring becomes bluer, even more beautiful.

We love that this maker is not only reviving interest in the ancient Celts’ stories but also using ancient metalworking techniques - in the salmon’s case it’s the primitive way of working, known as ‘Cire Perdue’ (‘Lost Wax’). We feel a sense of connection to the past by retelling the legend as well as in knowing that bronzes have been made this way for centuries past - and, hopefully will continue to be for centuries to come.

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I have been buying from Author for sometime now and have been very impressed and satisfied by the quality of design and workmanship.