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No better way to relax then sat back in a squashy, comfy chair and a nip of whisky in this stunning crystal tumbler.

As with all the other items in the Helvellyn range, the design is art deco inspired with its circular pattern, encouraging you to swivel your glass to ignite a peaty aroma.

Tucking into a dram neat or with water or ice, conjures the mountain it is named after in the Lake District, evoking the fresh, crisp air and misty views from the summit celebrated in Wordsworth’s poems.

We admire Cumbria Crystal's dedication and attention to detail to each piece that they luxuriously and expertly hand-craft. We love how they not only preserve but also advance traditional glassmaking methods and techniques to create the highest quality crystal possible.



Cumbria Crystal

Helvellyn Double Old-Fashioned Whisky Tumbler by Cumbria Crystal for AUTHOR

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Mrs H Van Der Kuyl 


Cumbria Crystal

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  • Expertly hand-made on the edge of the Lake District by Cumbria Crystal.

    This larger sized whisky tumbler is suitable for an ampler measure. Hand-blown and hand-cut full-lead crystal made in England.


  • Height: 10cm
    Capacity: 340ml

  • 6 currently in stock for immediate despatch. 4 to 6 weeks when out of stock.

  • Wash your crystal by hand with hand hot water, a soft sponge and mild dish detergent. Avoid extreme water temperatures and soaps containing ammonia. Wash your crystal as soon as possible after use and do not leave water standing in crystal for more than a few days.
    Dry your crystal immediately after washing it and use a linen or lint-free cloth.
    Store your crystal in a safe, dust-free area. Do not store your crystal glasses upside-down in the cupboard: The lip of the glass is very delicate and it may begin to crack under the weight of the glass.