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Bang on trend.

We adore the detailed, clever, witty designs of this maker’s furniture and sculptural objects. These witty mallets make a quirky, humorous conversation-starting accessory. Some of his mallets are designed to be used but these two are purely decorative pieces, not to be packed in the camping bag.

Max McCance makes the wooden mallets using offcuts of wood from other furniture projects, so a clever way of ensuring that valuable timber is not wasted. They are well weighted, and satisfying to pick up and hold. The detailing is, as with all the maker's work, finished to a very high standard.

These fun, humorous mallets would suit a landing window sill or study shelf. Perhaps place a mallet in the same room as the AUTHOR’s Own Hailes Spotty Stool.



Max McCance

Decorative Mallet made in Britain by Max McCance for AUTHOR Interiors

What our customers say...

I received my order of candles, some for myself and some for Christmas pressies.

Author has gone to the trouble of beautifully wrapping the ones I had for as gifts, which made giving them to my family such a joy! And I am thoroughly enjoying burning the ones I purchased for myself. I think Tranquil is my favourite and remind me of being in a very luxurious spa! Thank you Author! Can I order some more please?!

Mrs L Clark


Max McCance

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  • From the workshop of Max McCance in rural Fife.

    The handles on both the Purple Heart and Opepe mallets are made from Ash, which is the timber traditionally used for mallets. There are two options available:

    Opepe mallet (lighter in colour): Spots of Ebony, Purple Heart and Maple.
    Purple Heart mallet (purple colour): Spots of Ebony and Lignum Vitae (Latin for “wood of life”).


  • Length: 29cm
    Head width: 10cm
    Head diameter (depth): 3.4cm
    Shaft/ Handle width: 2.5cm
    Shaft/ Handle depth: 2.5cm

  • Up to two months, depending on Max’s schedule.

  • Does not need to be oiled or waxed. Simply dust and clean with furniture spray.