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Paintings that will bring joy for generations to come.

This gorgeous vibrant pair retain a wonderful nostalgia to toys of yesteryear. A Chitty Chitty Bang Bang almost with nautical additions. Designed to ignite your imagination, they are an inspiration for children's first stories when displayed in a playroom or inspiration for dreams of adventures as they fall asleep when exhibited in a bedroom. 

They are paintings that your children or grandchildren will treasure until they are older and may want to keep hold of when they move out. They may even like to keep it in their room for when they visit, and to show their own children in years to come.

The wooden, navy blue/grey frames allow these colourful paintings to speak for themselves and look beautiful when displayed in a study or office space. Can be bought as a pair or individually.



David Schofield

Mobile Home paintings made in Britain by David Schofield for AUTHOR Interiors

What our customers say...

"We required a business gift to be sent to an associate as a thank you. AUTHOR procured, beautifully packaged and delivered the gift with a lovely hand written note. It was done seamlessly and professionally and was so easy, I wasn’t even in the country! I would highly recommend them if you ever required a gift service."

R. Forster ( Fife)


David Schofield

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  • Expertly painted by Edinburgh based artist and illustrator David Schofield, exclusively for AUTHOR.

    This stunning pair of paintings are oil on card. Framed in a wooden frame with no glass. Can be bought individually or as a pair.


  • Length with frame: approx 42cm
    Width with frame: approx 35.5cm
    Depth of frame: approx 5.5cm

  • up to 7 days

  • The frame can be dusted. If needed then dust very lightly with a soft, dry cloth. Keep out of direct sunlight.