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Take a ‘pot shot’ from one of these small ceramic cups.

These shot cups are all individual as each one has been lovingly handmade. They have a lovely tactile, satiny touch as they are not finished in gloss and are available in three colour ways.

The perfect size and shape, ideal for a double espresso or chocolate pot. It’s the right size to stop you from overindulging so you can have your coffee guilt-free. These cups also work well for a small posy.

There’s a satisfaction when handling a piece that has had time, love and energy spent creating it. The love of knowing it’s an individual piece and not mass-produced will bring a smile to your face every time you have a sip.



Myer Halliday

Shot Cups by Myer Halliday for AUTHOR's collection of British-made unique furniture and home accessories

What our customers say...

I have been buying from Author for sometime now and have been very impressed and satisfied by the quality of design and workmanship.


Myer Halliday
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  • From the Edinburgh based studio of Myer Halliday.

    Made from slip-cast Parian, a bisque porcelain that imitates marble. Available in white, black, marbled grey white or marbled grey black.


  • Diameter: 5.5cm
    Height: 6cm

  • 1-4 weeks, dependent on stock availability and studio schedules

  • Hand wash is best (dishwasher if really necessary)