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The perfect hideaway for clutter 

We love this crisp, clean and contemporary design. The mechanical nature of the tambour doors rolling to open is highly pleasing and a particular advantage of style if placed in narrow corridors or halls as the doors do not need to open forward. This is ideal if used to store a slim television as your view is not impeded by chunky doors. The repeated nature of the slats is beautiful and almost suggests the lines of bamboo, giving an oriental feel. This piece is so versatile it could be used as an AV unit in a living room or to hold towels in a bathroom. This piece is handcrafted by the talented team of Knowles & Christou in Wales.



Knowles & Christou

Tambour Cabinet by Knowles & Christou for AUTHOR's collection of British-made luxury furniture

What our customers say...

I ordered a gorgeous pinch bowl for a girlfriends 40th and it arrived as promised; beautiful wrapped with a lovely personalised note and information on the piece and who made it. Everything was of such high quality and elegantly put together….my friend absolutely loved it and really appreciated the effort I had gone to. I didn't tell her it wasn’t quite all done by me!

Jennie Bett


Knowles & Christou

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  • Creatively handcrafted in Wales by Knowles & Christou's team of artisans.

    Cabinet in solid oak with Tambour doors which roll back revealing an interior also suitable for a super slim TV. With two hidden drawers which wrap around sides. This piece is available in a variety of finishes, please get in touch if you would like a bespoke version.


  • Height: 1590mm
    Overall width: 1060mm
    Inside cabinet width: 920mm
    Depth: 406mm

  • 6 to 8 weeks as this piece is made to order

  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe and dust