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At first glance, this pitcher is a delicate, fragile piece with its elegant thin handle, but it is nonetheless a strong and sturdy jug which will take the weight of the liquid.

We enjoy imagining this pitcher being made in the studio - being thrown then squished out of shape and in the process acquiring its lovely pouring spout. This playfulness is typical of the maker's work, in her quirky reimaginations of familiar, functional and everyday pieces which are a joy to own and to use.

The pitcher has a wide mouth, which makes a generous yet accurate pouring spout for serving water or milk at the table. We also love to use this jug as decoration, and it makes a fantastic container for displaying a bunch of freshly snipped garden roses.

The unpretentious, rustic look of this piece is simply delightful. There’s something so British about white pottery, with its timeless, classic beauty and it lives equally happily in a country or town home.



Jo Davies

White Pitcher by Jo Davies for AUTHOR's collections of unique British-made home accessories


Jo Davies

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  • Wheel-thrown by Jo Davies in her East London studio.

    Rustic and charming, the pouring lip is formed naturally at the end of this joyfully unpretentious jug.

    Wheel-thrown porcelain, modified and stretched while the clay is still wet to create a unique shape. Glazed with a satin, white crackle glaze.


  • Length at widest point: 26cm
    Height: 15cm
    Width: 8cm

  • Depending on stocks at the studio, this can usually be delivered in 3-5 days.

  • Wash only by hand with clean, soapy water using a sponge or cloth, and a bottlebrush.
    Should the white crackle glaze become stained, with dirt in the cracked surface of the glaze, soak the whole item in diluted bleach (diluted according to packet instructions).
    This item must not be cleaned in a dishwasher.