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Ashleaf London




Ashleaf London

bronze cherry leaves sculpture Ashleaf London for AUTHOR

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Cast in bronze by Hanna Varga & Sam Dalton, creators of Ashleaf London at the Crucible Foundry in London.

Real Cherry leaves cast in bronze using the ancient lost wax technique resulting in a bronze work that is a direct translation of the original organic leaf. Each bronze cast leaf is utterly unique, preserving three essential qualities: the leaf's texture, contour and shape. The original leaf disappears in the process - reduced to ashes during casting, like a phoenix - the fragile leaf is reborn again in robust bronze. The leaf-specific adaptation of this casting technique was developed at The Crucible Foundry in London.

Please get in touch for bespoke commissions or other types of leaves.

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  • All measurements are approximate. Each bronze sculpture is as individual as the leaf and so the sizes range between 5.5cm and 12cm in length.

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  • Do not wash. Dust lightly if needed.
Why we love this product

Caught in the moment of fall

These stunning bronze sculptures capture the fragility of leaves in bronze to the finest detail. They are hyperrealistic due to being cast from the organic leaf and have such a wonderful tactile nature to them. These particular cherry tree leaves were caught in moment of falling, now forever relived in beautiful bronze. These pieces are stunning on their own or in a grouping on a table, shelf or mantlepiece as botanical art.  

We admire the work of Ashleaf London, preserving the ephemeral, exploring and recording life through leaves. They give prominence to the details of fragments and their relationship to the whole. They consider each leaf in itself complete, bearing witness to a specific time, a location and the natural forces by which it was shaped. These gorgeous bronze leaves make such a lovely gift to a loved one or friend.

What our customers say...

‘care for the environment, attention to detail, and backing British Makers’ 

Margaret T