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A dried poppy cast in bronze with a 'sandy ferric' finish.

We can hardly tell between the bronze dried poppy and the real ones in this beautiful finish. Alice Andrea Ewing at Pomarius casts direct translations from the original organic specimen into bronze using the lost wax casting technique which sees the poppy through various incarnations from wax to clay to bronze. These natural specimens are found from gardens of historical locations and ancient trees across the British Isles. Each casting displays the unique characteristics and details from the piece it was cast from making each bronze individual and exquisite.

This gorgeous dried poppy bronze looks stunning on a mantelpiece, desk or book shelf.




bronze poppy sculpture by Alice Andrea Ewing of Pomarius for AUTHOR



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  • Cast and finished in the Pomarius studio in Suffolk.

    Real British dried poppy casted into bronze using the Lost Wax casting method resulting in a bronze work that is a direct translation of the original organic specimens, capturing every detail and curiosity of its form. This poppy bronze is finished with a 'sandy ferric' finish.


  • As these pieces are all individual, the measurements below are only a guideline:

    Weight: 117g
    Length: approx 34cm
    Width of Poppy Head: approx 3cm

  • 4 weeks depending on Alice's schedule

  • In its first year this poppy requires nothing more than a light tickle with a soft duster. The colour will continue to deepen. To keep the current patination you can re-apply a layer of any natural paste wax, once a year, gently buffing afterwards with a soft cloth. Should the poppy become dirty, it can be cleaned using a little mild soap and water, rinsing well and drying completely before reapplying wax.