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Giles Lawson Johnston




Giles Lawson Johnston

Family Tree Vase by Giles Lawson Johnston for AUTHOR: home of British-made luxury homeware

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Expertly engraved by hand by Giles Lawson Johnston in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Giles hand graves these crystal vases skilfully using a diamond-tipped dentist drill. If the personalised version of the piece is required, use the drawing of the plain tree to write out your name personalisations (as seen in image with blue ink) and email it to us for engraving.

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  • Height: 32cm
    Width (at top): 8cm
    Width (at widest point): approx 14.5cm
    Depth: 7.2cm

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  • Handwash crystal in hot water, (hot enough to put your hand in, excessively hot water can cause crystal to crack), with a small amount of liquid detergent added to the water. Wash glassware using a soft cloth or sponge being particularly careful.fter cleaning rinse the glassware in clean warm/hot water and always hand dry the glasses with a soft clean lint free cloth. If you leave them to dry on their own you will often find water spots, a cloudy film or streaking that dulls the look of the glasses. Crystal glasses of any description should never be stacked inside each other. They should be stood on their bases, never the rims and neither should they be touching any others.
Why we love this product

Gorgeous crystal with a personalised touch

This lovely shaped vase is perfect for narrow spaces such as awkward shelves, narrow side tables or mantelpieces. It sits beautifully on its own or equally with some tall stems of your favourite blooms. The engraved tree is exquisitely executed by the maker, Giles Lawson Johnston.

The extra, unique layer of adding your personalisation of your family tree onto the engraving is so charming and one-of-a-kind. There is such a joy of giving a gift that celebrates your family which makes it the perfect gift for weddings, milestone birthdays or other special occasions. 

These stunning crystal pieces have the delightful potential of becoming future heirlooms in your family. 

What our customers say...

"I would definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues.
I haven't come across you before, though I avidly read interiors magazines, Country Life, RA mags etc...... You are now on my favourites list!”

Louise J (London)