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These glass dew drops are striking, bold pieces, in spite of the fact they are blown from glass, often thought of as fragile and delicate.

We love how Elin uses the traditional technique of glass blowing to achieve simple, elegant, tactile, natural forms and subtle colour blends. She describes her colouration as similar to watercolour paintings and it is easy to see the parallel in the way the pigments merge seamlessly into one another with watery effect.

We selected the fuchsia to grey, orange to aquamarine and black opaque colour combinations which all have a very contemporary feel and are all flexible enough to suit many interior styles and colour schemes.

For decorative impact, display a single on a shelf, mantelpiece or table, ideally somewhere where this stunning sculpture will catch both natural and artificial light.

Alternatively, and for maximum effect, display a group of two or more dew drops in matching or mixed sizes.



Elin Isaksson

Dew Drop glass sculptures hand blown by Elin Isaksson for AUTHOR


Elin Isaksson

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  • Hand blown from molten glass by Elin Isaksson in her studio in Stirling, Scotland.

    Slowly, fuchsia becomes grey and orange becomes aquamarine in these elegant, blown glass dew drops. The black opaque is new to our collection and simply stunning.

    A watercolour-like effect is achieved in the colouring by using a white opaque powder as the base, adding a transparent colour on top, which pushes the powder away and results in the beautiful, subtle colouration. The Dew Drop design was shortlisted for the Homes & Gardens Designer Awards in 2016.


  • Small dew drop
    Height: 21cm
    Width: 12cm
    Hole at top: 0.3cm

    Large dew drop
    Height: 26cm
    Width: 17cm
    Hole at top: 0.5cm

  • 6 weeks, if not in stock.

  • To remove dust or dirt simply wipe your glass dew drop gently with a soft, clean cloth. The glass dew drops are designed to be ornamental, decorative pieces, not vessels, so please do not be tempted to fill them with water or to use as a vase.