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An alluring, handcrafted decorative piece

This hand raised Britannia silver vessel features a hammered and oxidised finish. It is hammered from a flat sheet over various steel stakes to create the beautiful finished form. The vessel has been planished from the bottom upwards to about halfway, where the rougher, tactile hammer marks remain at the top. This piece is made entirely from one single sheet of Britannia silver. 

The neutral colouring of this silver vessel allows it to fit into any contemporary or traditionally styled space. We recommend displaying this piece where its craftsmanship can truly be appreciated. A beautiful addition to AUTHOR's collection of British made luxury furniture and interior accessories. 



Melissa Montague

Large Britannia Silver Vessel with hand hammered finish by metalsmith Melissa Montague for AUTHOR's collection of British made luxury home accessories

What our customers say...

Jane , I just wanted to thank you and your team very much for sorting the majority of my Christmas Presents out last year and on a continuing basis of assisting with Birthday Gifts and thank you gifts on the business front . 

Your growing inventory of lovely works of art and furniture  small and large is really something to behold as is your range of beautifully merchandised range of products . 

The selection advice is always first class as is the most beautiful wrapping , presentation and delivery service .... really rather unique and personal in today’s mass produced world . 



Melissa Montague

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  • Designed and handcrafted in Sheffield by metalsmith Melissa Montague.

    Handcrafted from oxidised Britannia silver with a hand hammered surface texture.


  • Height: 14cm
    Weight: 10cm (widest part)
    Weight: 416g

  • 8 weeks as this piece is made to order.

  • Any piece of oxidised silver will be prone to wear, as it is a surface patina. However this can add to the surface and represent your relationship with the object. Alternatively the oxidised finish can be re-applied if you wish. Please contact us if you wish to arrange for an item to be re-oxidised. For general day-to-day care the colour can be maintained by using Renaissance wax, which should be gently applied with a soft cloth and any residue carefully polished off. Please be sure only to use a soft cloth that is not impregnated with any kind of jewellery cleaning substance as this will further remove the oxidisation.