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British woodworking at its finest.

From its beautiful, classical sliding dovetail detail at the top to its stunning, modern steam bent loop, this wall shelf is an elegant combination of traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques. 

Tom's love for woodworking is evident in his particular choice in timber. He explicitly chooses timber with a distinctive look that he finds in timber yards. The darker tones of the walnut are a wonderful addition to any study, lounge or even kitchen to give a more warming and rooted atmosphere. There is something about darker timbers that are so timeless and sophisticated which is overtly apparent in this beautiful looped design.




Tom Trimmins - Loop Steam-bent Wall Shelf



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  • Steam bent and expertly made from reclaimed wood by Tom Trimmins in Islington, London.

    Available in walnut, ash and oak timbers. Pictured here is the walnut. The maker deliberately selects specific and distinctive timber for his creations. The shelf comes with brass mounting screws.


  • Height: 600mm
    Width: 370mm
    Depth: 240mm

  • Everything is made to order. Lead times are usually 6-8 weeks.

  • If unsure about installation we recommend getting a professional to install it for you. This item is not intended for use outside or in high humidity areas such as bathrooms or other extreme environments. The maximum load of the shelf is 3kg. Brass parts can be maintained with a suitable metal polish and buffed with a soft cloth. The wood can be cleaned with a duster from time to time as it is already coated in eco-friendly oil. If the surface is damaged, you can repair it by wiping a small amount of the oil over the area with a paper towel.