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Inspired by the prickly pineapple husk.

The eye-catching feature of the Pineapple Table is its robust vertical support. Like the outer skin of the fruit, the pieces of timber in the central core of the table have been worked to create small, slightly prickly nobbles. These are stacked, jenga style, with the prickles cleverly offset around the perimeter.

The Pineapple Table makes a practical, usable, occasional table to place between armchairs or in a corner. The circular table top is large enough to display a lamp and a few books or magazines.

As well as a useful piece of furniture, The Pineapple Table is a stunning sculptural piece in its own right. This solid, chunky table demands attention and will be admired for years to come. Its timeless design suits both contemporary and more traditional or period spaces.



Max McCance

Pineapple Table by Max McCance for AUTHOR's collection of British-made unique furniture

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I ordered the fabulous Mary Velvet chair to give my sitting room a lift. It has been such a success, so comfortable and very eye catching. The help I received from the AUTHOR team was second to none.

Ishbel Hardie.


Max McCance

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  • From the workshop of Max McCance in rural Fife.

    Constructed from oak. There are three small, oak, button feet under the base which raise the table slightly up from the floor. This creates a beautiful shadow gap and also makes the table stable on any surface.


  • Diameter of circular table top: 56.5cm
    Height: 63.2cm
    Thickness of table top: 3cm

  • Up to two months, depending on Max’s schedule.

  • The timber does not need to be oiled or waxed. Simply dust and clean with furniture spray.