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Charming characters that will hop happily into your space and into your heart.

These delightful hares will look stunning sitting on a hearth or in a hallway. Hand built and fired in Buckinghamshire, the beautiful crackle pattern is created using the Raku firing method. Raku is an ancient firing technique that was used traditionally in Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It was developed by potters in the USA during the late 50’s and from there it has evolved to what it is today. The pieces are taken out of the kiln to cool to 800 degrees and then put into a mixture of sawdust to create the crackly, variant Raku pattern that is just so exquisite. 

These inquisitive creatures are available with or without gilding.




Raku Hare



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  • Beautifully handcrafted and fired in Buckinghamshire, England.

    These gorgeous hares are completely hand made and so each is unique and individual. Hand built from clay, these hares are created using the ancient Raku firing technique to create the stunning patterned glaze. Available with or without gilding. There are two sizes available, the slightly smaller size will have a quicker lead time.


  • As each piece is individually made, these measurements are a rough guide:

    Sitting Hare:
    Height: 42cm
    Width: 16cm
    Depth: 25cm

    Lying Down Hare:
    Height: 12cm
    Width: 18cm
    Depth: 47cm

    Smaller size Lying Down Hare:
    Length: approx 30cm

    Smaller size Sitting Hare:
    Height: approx 30cm

  • 4 weeks depending on the maker's schedule for more. Get in touch to find out current lead times.

  • Just a light dust using a feather duster or a soft, clean cloth.