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A side table with a hidden secret

This gorgeous wooden side table has a useful hidden drawer if desired to hide away clutter or hidden treasures. The use of the drawer makes this table versatile and functional to most spaces such as living rooms, halls and studies. The repeated nature of the slats is beautiful and gives the table an added dimension instead of a standard table design. This design gives a modern, Danish feel yet it would sit comfortable in traditionally styled places as well due to its clean lines and minimalist, sophisticated style. 



Knowles & Christou

Tambour Side Table by Knowles & Christou for AUTHOR's collection of British-made luxury furniture

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‘Author’ quite simply tells the story of their products. Author introduces the maker, describes their journey,  infects you with their enthusiasm and then guides you to the right conclusion, delivering an outstanding shopping  experience directly into your home. Personal and curated style available to everyone, everywhere. Can’t recommend Jane and the team enough

Mrs H Van Der Kuyl 


Knowles & Christou

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  • Creatively handcrafted in Wales by Knowles & Christou's team of artisans.

    A solid oak handmade side table with or without front hidden drawer. This piece is available in a range of Knowles & Christou standard and bespoke wood finishes.


  • Width: 600mm
    Depth: 440mm
    Height: 600mm

  • 6 to 8 weeks as this piece is made to order

  • Wipe with a lint-free cloth when needed