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This Vivien vase is just the perfect height to hold a bunch of freshly picked stems.

With its narrow neck, Vivien is also the ideal vessel for single stems with no wilting over the edges.

The protruding ceramic edges near the top of the neck appear to peel away from rest of the vase in a way that reminds us of shirt cuffs. The overlapping edges embrace the narrower inner opening making this a rather unusual but lovely design.

There’s something so British about white pottery, with its timeless, classic beauty. The white crackle glaze gives the Vivien vase a pleasing, rustic look and it would be equally happy in a country or town home and suit many styles of interior.



Jo Davies

White Vivien Vase by Jo Davies for AUTHOR's collections of unique British-made home accessories

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Mrs H Van Der Kuyl 


Jo Davies

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  • Wheel-thrown by Jo Davies in her East London studio.

    Wheel-thrown porcelain constructed from component parts. Glazed with satin, white crackle glaze and high-kiln fired.

    This maker specialises in handmade, wheel-thrown porcelain and quirky features such as these are typical of her work. She reimagines familiar, functional and everyday pieces which as well as being eye-catching, are a joy to own and to use.


  • Diameter: 8cm
    Height: 18cm

  • Depending on stocks at the studio, this can usually be delivered in 3-5 days.

  • Wash only by hand with clean, soapy water using a sponge or cloth, and a bottlebrush. Should the white crackle glaze become stained, with dirt in the cracked surface of the glaze, soak the whole item in diluted bleach (dilute according to packet instructions).
    Must not be put in a dishwasher.