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Richard Ballantyne




Richard Ballantyne

Raku Fox Head by Richard Ballantyne for AUTHOR's collection of British-made unique furniture and homeware accessories

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Beautifully handcrafted and fired in Buckinghamshire, England by ceramic artist Richard Ballantyne.

This characterful fellow is completely hand made and so each is unique and individual. Hand built from clay, this fox is then raku fired to create the amazing crackle glaze on his snout, chin and ears. Can be ordered without goggles and with feathers.

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  • As each piece is individually made, these measurements are a rough guide:
    Height: between 11 - 13cm
    Width: Between 12 - 16cm
    Depth: Between 14 - 19cm

  • 4 weeks depending on the maker's schedule

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  • Just a light dust using a feather duster or a soft, clean cloth.
Why we love this product

A distinctive character that looks like he may have flown out of a Kenneth Grahame novel, grabbing a spot of feathery lunch on route.

This flying-enthusiast fox is a joyful addition to any mantelpiece, book shelf, or wall. Hand built and fired in Buckinghamshire, his crackle glazed ears, chin and snout are creating using the Raku firing method. Raku is an ancient firing technique that was used traditionally in Japanese Tea Ceremonies. It was developed by potters in the USA during the late 50’s and from there it has evolved to what it is today. The pieces are taken out of the kiln to cool to 800 degrees and then put into a mixture of sawdust to create the crackly, variant Raku pattern that is just so exquisite. 

As each piece is handmade, no one is the same. This delightful fox can be acquired with or without his trusty goggles and with or without feathers in his mouth.

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‘Author’ quite simply tells the story of their products. Author introduces the maker, describes their journey,  infects you with their enthusiasm and then guides you to the right conclusion, delivering an outstanding shopping  experience directly into your home. Personal and curated style available to everyone, everywhere. Can’t recommend Jane and the team enough

Mrs H Van Der Kuyl