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The warmth of natural oak (even warmer with underfloor heating). 

This high quality engineered timber flooring is ideal for use over underfloor heating. It is hard-wearing, practical and easy to care for. It has the aesthetic of old timber, so particularly suitable for a heritage style in a period property, really giving the impression it has been there for a long time.  

However, don’t be put off if you are looking for flooring in a more modern home. We also recommend it as a beautiful contrast to a more contemporary scheme. 

The Chambord range encompasses a variety of colour tones which sit especially well against stone in the more traditional setting, or against grey in a more contemporary space.



Strathearn Stone and Timber

Chambord Engineered Antique Oak Flooring by Strathearn Stone and Timber for AUTHOR


Strathearn Stone and Timber

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Should you desire a bepoke alternative of this piece, please contact us.
  • Crafted in the Strathearn Stone and Timber workshop in Perth, Scotland.

    Antique Oak Wood. Finished with a protective coating of hardwax oil.

    Finishes for the Chambord Range: Aquitaine, Armagnac, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Calvados, Gris, Limousin, Mare, Noir, Noisette and Provence. The Bourgogne (pictured here) comprises rich earth and auburn shades.


  • Available in 15mm or 20mm thickness, and in a range of widths up to ultra-wide. Also available in Block and Chevron. Designed for installation with underfloor heating. Please contact us for full technical specifications.

  • 6 to 8 weeks if not in stock. We advise that you arrange for your flooring to be delivered 48 hours prior to fitting and stored flat in an area where installation is planned and in room temperature conditions. Get in touch and we can discuss delivery arrangements.

  • A coat of semi-matt finishing oil is recommended to be applied to the floor immediately after installation. Bespoke doorway threshold bars, skirting, facings, stairs and nosings available on request.
    An oil finish on oak floors should be left after application to cure for 10-14 days before using any cleaning or care products.
    Sweep, vacuum or dust oak floors regularly. Microfibre mops are ideal for wood floors however dampen mop slightly rather than saturating.
    Always wipe accidental spills immediately using a soft, slightly damp cloth.
    Light scratches and marks on oiled floors can be easily removed with gentle sanding and careful re-application of our recommended oil finish. Make sure to keep your pets’ claws clipped to avoid scratching.
    Extremes of temperature and humidity causes wood to shrink so maintain a consistent room humidity between 35% and 65% and keep underfloor heating switched on all year round.
    Do not place rugs on oak floors with underfloor heating.
    Never place potted plants directly onto oak floors.