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Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."

Nevermore will you look at water pourer the same again. This quirky and clever silver piece, handcrafted in Edinburgh, is an exquisite way to pour water into your dram on a cosy evening by a fire in a comfy, squashy chair. A true representation of functional art, this piece embodies the dexterous and inquisitive nature of a raven with a delightful surprise of movement in the beak when you tip some water into a glass.

The black glass is sleek like the glossy coat of a raven that in a certain light emanates hues of dark green or blue. The chased detail of the raven's face displays his playful intelligence and character. After all, the raven is a bird that has the most folklore surrounding it in Britain which explains the maker's fascination in creating it. The maker loves to explore the myths and legends around the animals she fabricates and this beautiful raven is no exception.



Bryony Knox

Raven Pourer by Bryony Knox silver water pourer made for AUTHOR's collection of unique home decor

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I have been buying from Author for sometime now and have been very impressed and satisfied by the quality of design and workmanship.


Bryony Knox

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  • Handcrafted exquisitely in Edinburgh, Scotland by talented silversmith, Bryony Knox.

    This Raven Pourer is designed to pour water for whisky. Made from chased and oxidised silver with gilt interior and black glass.


  • Height: 18cm
    Width: 12cm
    Depth: 8cm

  • 3 to 6 weeks depending on scale and Bryony's schedule.

  • Silver should be cleaned with a silver cloth or with a soft toothbrush in soapy hot water. Items are made to be used.