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Japanese inspired glass vases.

These stunning vases are available in two sizes and two base colours, white or grey. The speckled pattern on top resembles the traditional Japanese 'shino' ceramic glaze which is innovative and unique as these are glass pieces. The maker sandblasts the vases to create this effect which is tactile and wonderful to touch. It serves as a lovely contrast to the smooth glass bottom. 

Ideal for a single stem or a small posy, these vases also look gorgeous on their own or in a grouping on a side table or mantelpiece. 



Vicky Higginson

Shino Glass Vase by Vicky Higginson for AUTHOR's collection of British-made unique furniture and interior accessories

What our customers say...

I received my order of candles, some for myself and some for Christmas pressies.

Author has gone to the trouble of beautifully wrapping the ones I had for as gifts, which made giving them to my family such a joy! And I am thoroughly enjoying burning the ones I purchased for myself. I think Tranquil is my favourite and remind me of being in a very luxurious spa! Thank you Author! Can I order some more please?!

Mrs L Clark


Vicky Higginson

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  • Creatively handblown by Vicky Higginson in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    The pattern on these glass vases echo the traditional Japanese ‘shino’ ceramic glaze, and is sandblasted to create a tactile surface texture, which contrasts with the smooth grey or white sections of the pieces.


  • Small Vase:
    Height: approx 14cm
    Width: approx 13cm

    Large Vase:
    Height: approx 18cm
    Width: approx 16cm

  • 4 weeks depending on Vicky's schedule.

  • To remove dust or dirt simply wipe the vase with with a soft, clean cloth.