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A table with a backbone.

We adore the detailed, clever, witty designs of the maker’s furniture and sculptural objects. The inspiration behind pieces such as the Spine Table are clear but the technical know-how and patient assembly that goes into each piece are also very impressive. There is probably an aspect of this that appeals to the scientific or mathematically minded, given the advance planning and accuracy needed to assemble all the separate pieces.

We ourselves prefer to sit back and enjoy the overall effect of the beautifully finished piece.

The maker’s Spine Table is a tall piece that demands attention. Due to its height, this table is the ideal platform on which to position a ‘look at me’ sculpture, pot or plant. Alternatively use it as a drinks station, a handy place to rest a glass.

The Spine Table is also a stunning, sculptural piece in its own right. The twisting design of its spine reminds us of someone turning hard round to look behind. Which is certainly appropriate for this most eye-catching design. It is a timeless piece of furniture that will suit either a contemporary or a more traditional or period space.



Max McCance

Spine Table made in oak by Max McCance for AUTHOR's collections of British-made unique furniture

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Max McCance

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  • From the workshop of Max McCance in rural Fife.

    Constructed in oak. There are three small, oak, button feet under the base which raise the table slightly up from the floor. This creates a beautiful shadow gap and also makes the table stable on any surface.


  • Diameter of table top: 43cm
    Height: 85cm
    Thickness of table top: 3.5cm
    Thickness of bottom: 4.7cm

  • Up to two months, depending on Max’s schedule.

  • The timber does not need to be oiled or waxed. Simply dust and clean with furniture spray.